Chicago, IL (5680 miles)

Here is a view of the Chicago River that you would have been better off Googling yourself

We are in Chicago! It is pretty neat. But do you know what you have to do to get from Buffalo to Chicago? Ohio. Ohio is what you have to do. Ohio looks like this:

Except for all the parts that look like this:

OMG I'm getting bored of this!

What I’m saying is that Ohio all looks the same.

Also, what is the deal with barns? I feel like half the barns we see look like they’re on the verge of crumbling the next time a medium-sized moth flutters by. Are barns like the bikinis of agricultural construction and you just buy a cheap one because it’s going to be out of style next season anyway so who cares if it gets shredded in the hot tub/inclement weather?

I'm sorry, I'm a terrible Chicagrapher. I'm also sorry for that joke

Anyway, Chicago is awesome. We got here kind of late and just wandered around in search of outdoor food and drink, of which there seems to be plenty. Add it to the list of places I would totally move to if it weren’t for the terrible winters/unbearable summers/bugs/dearth of lesbian-run restaurants.

Maybe it's just my photography that makes things boring

But it DOES smell like sewage here, so I almost feel like I’m at home.


One response to “Chicago, IL (5680 miles)

  1. For fancy drinks we recommend Sable, Watershed and the Violet Hour in Wicker Park. We’ll totally live in Chicago with you guys for the three months a year the weather is just right.

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